Our mission is to help our audiences make better decisions through education. We believe that informative, unique, inspiring, or just plain surprising insights are central to great publishing - and great marketing.

In most industries, especially business-to-business verticals, a customer relationship often starts with answering a question, clarifying a concept, or otherwise building trust through expertise. Our websites aim to forge a similar relationship with audiences in specific verticals. The nature of this content is also what allows us to build targeted, effective ad campaigns that really speak to readers.


The Web has changed what it means to be influential and who is perceived as an authority. As a digital-centric publisher, we think of authority in terms of search and social. These elements aren't geek science anymore; they're a central part of any modern website. We believe that great content is the key to fully optimizing these areas, but we use search as a primary input to the content production process in a way that maximizes exposure to our brands.

Social is the other piece of the puzzle. It, of course, provides a direct line to consumers. Our focus, however, is in leveraging our social connections to build and expand a powerful network of people of influence - and potential partners - in a particular niche.


Agile development is an important concept in software development. The basic idea is to release code early and get feedback as quickly as possible. We apply this same concept to our entire business model. Our aim is to release content and new developments quickly, then test them, analyze them, fix them, and release them again.

In part, the agile model is about being humble and experimenting. That's important because each industry vertical has slight nuances that can't necessarily be predicted. We also provide a custom back-end content platform and a distributed, globalized workforce. This allows us to move faster than traditional offline publishers. Then we iterate until we get it right.

Dale Janssen

Dale Janssen

Dale is a serial entrepreneur. He's been involved in a wide range of businesses, most of them IT-related. More recently, Dale owned and operated a chain of computer training centers called Excelnet with offices across Canada. He then ventured into online training by founding an exam prep business called Cramsession. Following a successful exit from both businesses, he has remained in the tech/media space ever since.

At Janalta, Dale oversees development and is the IT systems architect.

Cory Janssen

Cory Janssen

Cory found his niche in the space between finance and the Web. He was the co-founder of, a financial education site that grew to be one of the most popular online investing sites. Investopedia was sold to Forbes Media in 2007.

At Janalta, Cory oversees partnerships and product development.